Meet Lancaster Works: a Pennsylvania-based staffing company of roughly 50 employees, specializing in contingent-to-perm and direct placement services. Though they aspired to grow their business, their existing technology and systems were woefully out of date.

Lancaster Works saw the advantages of Senegal Software’s approach right away as a flexible, integrated staffing software solution. Today, they’re using Senegal Software’s senegalHIRE platform, with the ATS, CRM, MARKETING and FINANCE modules.

These solutions are radically improving Lancaster Works’ efficiency, enabling them to become more data-driven, and as a result, setting them up to win bigger contracts.

Where they started: Inefficient staffing processes and disconnected systems

Lancaster Works was reliant on dated, inefficient systems to manage its staffing operations. Though they had an ATS and a billing solution in place, they were not integrated and most everything else was done using Excel spreadsheets.


When they came to Senegal Software, Lancaster Works was struggling with:

  • Lack of integration between important systems
  • Lack of automation forcing employees to spend time on repetitive tasks
  • Limited ability to collect and analyze business data
  • Other software providers unable to adapt their staffing solutions to Lancaster Works’ processes
  • Need to streamline processes and empower employees

“We were holding everything together with bubblegum and rubber bands.”

Tyrone Miller, CEO, Lancaster Works

Staffing tech and customer service that drives automation, efficiency, and value

After reviewing a few solutions on the market, Lancaster Works saw the potential of senegalHIRE to address their
challenges. Leadership saw the benefit of a platform that was flexible, customer-focused, user-friendly, and built for the
staffing industry.

Once Lancaster Works began working with Senegal Software, Tyrone Miller knew they had made the right decision. Software, they decided to implement: the CRM, ATS and MARKETING tools of senegalHIRE.

Working closely with Lancaster Works, Senegal Software focused on the following:

  • Understand the ins and outs of the client’s strategy and processes
  • Create an experience that felt custom-made without an outrageous price tag
  • Achieve a complete data migration within a few weeks
  • Automate repeatable processes (e.g. client satisfaction surveys, basic candidate communication, etc.) and integrating data
  • Combine an initial onboarding with ongoing training to help users fully capitalize on the power of the platform
  • Allow staff to focus on high-value, strategic tasks that will create growth for Lancaster Works

“The team at Senegal Software has been so patient and supportive with training and troubleshooting help all the way through.”

Tyrone Miller, CEO, Lancaster Works

A seamless transition enabling “exponential” increases in efficiency and new growth

The use of senegalHIRE has created major benefits only a few months post-implementation:

  • 66% reduction in employees’ time spent on non-strategic tasks
  • A solution that is configurable to their unique needs with the ability to adapt features as the business evolves
  • Increased capacity to focus on scaling and expanding their clientele

Response time, efficiency, and quality of experience all matter in a dynamic industry like staffing. As Lancaster Works’ experience proves, the right
staffing technology partnership can have a significant impact on your business.

If you’re considering investing in a staffing CRM, a staffing ATS, or any solution that’s optimized for the staffing industry, let’s talk: contact us.

reduction in employees’ time spent on non-strategic tasks