Events can be huge sources of wasted resources and leave a large carbon footprint. Luckily, it doesn’t have to stay that way anymore because there are many ways to reduce your event’s impact on the environment. While green events create a positive impact on the environment, they also help your brand. Many are starting to become more green, and if they see your company taking the step as well, they will want to work with you and attend more of your events. 

Biodegradable dinnerware 

If you are providing any food or drinks at your event, it isn’t very practical to use glass, china tableware, or metal utensils. Instead, using biodegradable dinnerware will help bring more green to your event. From biodegradable plates, cups, utensils, and straws, there are many options for you to choose from. While not every piece has to be biodegradable, there are many options for you to choose from to help see green at your event. 

Keep it local

When sourcing things that you need for your event, you can support your community and cut down on transportation by finding what you need locally. Whether it’s food, talent, promotional material, etc. why would you not want to support your community and hire near where the event will be? Even if it requires a little more research, finding what you need locally will help your event be more green. Also, you might find that you will want to work with them again in the future, and it will make planning even easier if they’re already right near you. 

Keep distance and transportation in mind 

The easiest way to help your event be more green is to consider transportation. Will anyone be flying in for your event? If so, how far is the airport from where your event is going to be held? Also, how far away are your recommended hotels from your event? The closer together everything is, the lower carbon footprint you will have. Another option is to take public transportation into consideration. If any public transit is available to get from the airport, hotel, or event, it helps more than you think. Lastly, take into consideration walkability. Is the hotel within walking distance to the event or any restaurants? The more accessible the venue is for attendees, the lower the environmental impact. 

Remove potential paper waste from event

There are many ways to remove potential waste from your event. You can start off by sending out invitations through email or digital ticketing. Instead of sending out paper invitations or tickets, you can use an event app to communicate the essential information about the event. You can also put your agenda online or in the event app. Also, by putting the agenda online, you will save the waste of handing that information out at the event. These are the types of papers that tend to be left or thrown away anyways.