Saving time and money on your recruiting and staffing needs is an easy decision to make. However, when it comes to choosing the right agency to work with, the decision may be a little tougher. You need to make sure you know what you’re looking for in an agency. As well as what red flags you should avoid. You want to be confident that you choose the best staffing agency that meets the needs of your company. Below, we pulled together 5 tips to help you hire the right staffing agency. 

Client Satisfaction

You would never want to hire a company that is known for their poor customer service. This also applies when it comes to hiring a staffing agency. You can find out if the agency has client satisfaction surveys. If they do, you can compare the results to any other agency that you are looking at. If they don’t have these surveys, it might be a sign. While you can always ask for a reference, keep in mind that those clients will be hand-picked from the agency. With that, it’s guaranteed that it will be a good review of them and may not tell you of any shortcomings. 

Turning Over the Relationship

There is nothing worse than creating a good relationship with a business or representative only to learn that they have moved on to bigger and better things. Your relationship with your recruiter is an important one. By building this relationship, you can help ensure that they understand your needs and your business. While no company can avoid turnover, it can be good in some cases. Before you start a relationship with a staffing agency, you may want to ask a few questions about their internal turnover. If they have a high turnover rate, or above around 15%, you may want to consider a different agency.

Learn Something New

Working with a staffing agency means that you have expert recruiters and staffers at your fingertips. Your recruiter should be able to tell you about the trends in hiring in your industry. They should be able to give you more insight into what kinds of candidates you can expect to hire. Also, they should be giving you useful information about compensation within your industry. You should be able to learn something new from the agency you choose, even before you fully commit to them. 


You want to have a good relationship with the staffing agency you choose. This means that you hold some of the responsibility in making it a good relationship. You need to find out from the agency what their expectations are of you during the recruitment and staffing process. It’s good to find out how often they expect to speak with you and how much time and information they need to get started. Working with a staffing agency should be about building a great relationship so your open positions are quickly and easily filled. You need to take the time to do your homework on the agency you choose. Ask questions and make sure that you’re hiring the best agency for your staffing needs. 

Inside Information

General staffing agencies can help staff for just about any industry. They are able to find candidates with some, usually limited, experience in any given field. They’re also able to get these candidates in an average amount of time. However, when you’re working with a staffing agency, you expect to select from the best candidates for the position. As well as getting the position filled quickly. By working with an agency that focuses on select industries, you’re able to get the best talent. These niche agencies know your industry. By having inside information, they are able to save time in filling your position and guarantee that the candidate will have the right skills, experience and knowledge.