Let us help you simplify talent recruitment and event scheduling. Our platform is built with automated workflows so you can focus more on relationships. It allows you to work smarter, not harder. SenegalWORK gives you the tools to do more with less, and ensure your events are staffed on time, every time. Whether you have one or one thousand events to schedule, and whether you have a great talent pool or recruit often, we can help you. Below is everything you need to know about senegalWORK.

Talent On-Boarding

Simplify your talent on-boarding process with workflows and requirements tailored to your company needs. Being able to easily on-board staff will save you time and stress. With our mobile app, your talent can quickly and easily build their profile and be working for you in minutes. Once on-boarded, you will have a complete database with dozens of search filters so your staff can always find the right talent for a job. 

Event Scheduling

You can upload and automate the scheduling of one or hundreds of events in seconds. With Senegal, you and your team can schedule and manage all of your events with more ease. This will relieve stress from your clients and make them want to continue working with you. Also, with all of that time saved, your team can focus more on keeping your clients and talent happier. 

Event Management

You can now work smarter with your talent. You’re able to capture location and timestamp data with geo-fenced check-ins and check-outs. Your team can collect photos, recaps and receipts all in one place and in real-time. Our mobile app makes it easier for your talent to communicate with you. This eliminates all of the back and forth emails, text messages, and phone calls. You can send text notifications or chat directly with talent to stay informed. 

Talent Previews

When your client wants to see a sample of your talent in a certain city or those with a specific skill, you can quickly search for talent. With this easy to use feature, you can create a Talent Preview to send to your client or prospect. There is no more cutting, pasting, or pulling from multiple sources to build a talent package. You can share these preview links with your clients and prospects. Then, they can share with their teams without having to log into Senegal. 

Talent Groups

Simplify the search process for talent with Talent Groups. You can create groups of talent with similar skills, geo location or other information for use in future events. You’re able to manage your talent lists more efficiently. With groups, you can quickly communicate or invite talent in that group to a new job. 

Talent Mobile App

Our native iOS and Android mobile app keeps your talent informed and engaged. We make it easy for your talent to work for you. Your talent can manage their events, payments, and keep their profile up-to-date. They can upload event photos and complete recaps/reports in our intuitive app designed for the mobile workforce. 

Event Recapping

Create surveys for your talent to complete. You can build custom recap templates with validation and logic options. Using our mobile app, your talent can complete the recap and share the correct information in real time. Then, you can send graphical recap reports to your clients with the post-event data they need to support ROI.