Communication today comes in all types of forms and channels for the sake of our efficiency. Employees seemingly always have a place to be. Even when milestones like a well deserved career promotion are right in front of us, an email or phone call to deliver the news are convenient options. While it’s an easy route to take for a company, it’s still not as powerful as in-person promotions. Let’s look at the power of in-person promotions.

Boost Value

Every employee wants to feel rewarded for their hard work. Furthermore, members of your staff that go above and beyond deserve a proper promotion in person. Nothing says you value your employees more than acknowledging their accomplishments with time you set aside in person. This gives you the opportunity to bond with your employees and enhance your relationships with them. According to a study conducted by Great Business Schools, 84% of people say they prefer in-person meetings. A promotion is a typically a large milestone for employees and one that they won’t forget anytime soon. Making the promotion in-person gives them extra motivation as they take on their new role. 

Clear Communication

An in-person promotion has clear communication with steps going forward. It allows you to read the facial expressions and body language of the people you meet with. While a promotion is a positive experience, you’ll get an idea if your employee is nervous or surprised by the news. Any doubts about the promotion are addressed by asking questions and exchanging feedback. Perhaps your employee knows other people that deserve a promotion as well. Meeting in-person encourages a productive meeting with a flow of ideas that you haven’t considered yet. 

Accelerate Trust

A conversation about a promotion requires a mutual level of trust between you and your employee. Trust is an essential part of every company culture. During a promotion, you trust in your employee’s abilities and adaptability as they take on new obligations. In return, they trust that you set them up for success during their transition period of their promotion. According to a study done by The Hilton Family, “Face-to-face business meetings afford participant opportunities to develop transparency and trust among each other in ways that are not always possible compared to other forms of communications” 

Trust takes long periods of time to develop. Your employee proves to you time and time again that they are an asset to the company. But on the other hand, you took extra time and effort to meet with them in person. You showed them you care, and that they are the best candidate for the promotion. The trust is mutually shown and accelerated just by meeting in-person.


You get the best relationships in business based on the effort you put in. The power of in-person promotions is real and more crucial than ever. In a business world where we use technology to make our lives easier, we often hinder the value, communication, and trust between each other. An in-person promotion is a special way that you could reward your employee for an important milestone in their lives.