How to gauge whether you’ve found the right match to support your staffing business growth.

Whether it’s time to ditch Excel and find a better alternative to spreadsheets for managing talent database and analyzing data for your staffing business — or you’re ready to graduate from homegrown or legacy systems racking up technical debt — it’s important that your next investment in tech can support your goals as a business.

Senegal Software’s Shelly Justice recently discussed some of the challenges in evaluating tech partners that align with your current staffing process and shared three key questions to ask a potential vendor before you sign that contract. Read more after the jump.

Question #1:

Is the solution integrated with the tools you need to run your business?

You need more than data flowing between one tool and another. You need functionality, built into your tech stack that helps you run your business more smoothly and efficiently without lots of 3rd party add-on costs.

Question #2:

Was this solution developed with you and companies like you in mind?

While all staffing firms focus on human capital, each one is unique in their processes, communications, and workflows. Most CRM, ATS and payrolling systems claim to be “out of the box” ready, but your team needs so much more. You want to make sure your company partners with a solution built for staffing professionals by staffing professionals – someone who has built their platform with the flexibility to align with your business and adapt to your needs. You want a solution that will be your partner, not your vendor, so that your platform can be configured to evolve and scale as your company grows.

Question #3:

Will you get the level of customer service that you expect?

Everyone says their customer service is number one, but we all know differently don’t we? Some vendors get it and others don’t. Think about past experiences, how long did it take for you to speak to the right person about your problem? How long did it take to get it actually resolved?

What additional questions do these prompt for you?

These questions are intended to help you determine whether the platform, product(s) and partner are the right match for your business. That means there might be some considerations, specific to your staffing agency or recruiting process, that we haven’t captured. Care to share? Send us a quick note — we’d love to add it to this post for others to learn from too.

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