A brand ambassador is someone who speaks and helps promote your company. Whether it’s at events or on social media, they are becoming more and more common among companies. Most consumers trust word-of-mouth and what other consumers have to say about a product. So, it only makes sense that they’re becoming more popular. There is no guarantee that a brand ambassador program will skyrocket your sales. However, we have pulled together 3 tips to help your brand ambassadors sell more.

Make sure they understand your brand

The only way that your brand ambassadors can truly share your message with customers is if they understand it themselves. They need to know your brand purpose before they start promoting your products or service. If they have an understanding of what you stand for, they can adapt the right tone as an ambassador. If they have an idea about your future, they can help promote your brand when you hit any milestone. The more they know about your company, the easier it will be for them to contribute as an ambassador. 

You should make sure that they have all of this information beforehand, along with any other information regarding the products. You want them to truly understand what you offer before they post anything. This way you can avoid any potential mistakes or false information being spread. One way to ensure this doesn’t happen is to give them a packet that includes everything they should know. You can send this them them when you send them your product/service. 

Choose the right ambassadors

While there isn’t a set limit on how many brand ambassadors you can have to promote your company, it’s important to make sure you look for those that have an interest in what you offer. You need your ambassadors to be authentic when posting about your products.

If your company sells athletic wear, it would be best to find ambassadors who have accounts related to working out. This way they already have followers that fit your target audience. If you just choose ambassadors that have no tie to your target audience, you won’t get much out of them. Say you have 20 ambassadors. If only 3 have any tie to your target audience, the other 17 won’t bring as much to your company. This will just result in your company losing money.

Establish a social media policy 

Before you set your ambassador loose, it’s important to make sure that the messages they share resonate with your brand. This doesn’t mean they can’t insert their own voice or personality. However, it provides a guideline to help them understand the voice, tone and messages they should use when speaking about your brand. If they are promoting your brand, then post something that is the complete opposite of what you stand for, customers won’t take them as seriously. This also might stop them from purchasing your product.