With over 660 million registered professionals, LinkedIn is the largest resource for B2B marketers. If you aren’t on the platform or haven’t been using it to its full potential, it’s time that you start. The right LinkedIn marketing strategy can work wonders for your personal brand and your business. Below, we will discuss the best ways to improve your LinkedIn for small business marketing. 

Optimize your profile

While this can seem like a basic step, it’s easy to overlook. Whether you’re marketing through a company page or your personal account, it’s crucial that you make certain profile improvements. These can increase your chances of getting noticed.

You need to have a high-quality profile picture that’s relevant to your brand. While company pages can use the brand logo as a profile picture, high-resolution professional headshots are ideal for personal profiles. Other ways to optimize your LinkedIn are to include your current position and other basic information. 

Get your employees involved

LinkedIn is all about the connections you make. As the most reliable advocates of your brand, your employees can play a critical role in expanding your reach and strengthening your network. You can encourage your employees to add your company to their personal profiles. This automatically turns them into followers and helps your company get noticed on the platform. Also, you should encourage employees to engage with your company updates and share them with their connections.

Run ads using the Matched Audiences feature

With LinkedIn, you can target the most relevant users when you run ads on the platform. The Matched Audiences feature lets you retarget people who have visited your website, as well as people who are on your existing account or your email contacts.

Since these people have some familiarity with your company or your personal brand already, there’s an increased chance that you’ll covert them. This feature makes a whole lot of difference to your LinkedIn advertising efforts. Since people will not convert on their first interaction with your business, you’ll gently remind them of your existence and gradually nudge them toward a conversion.

Feed your efforts with analytics data

It’s crucial that you don’t jump into LinkedIn marketing without some research. Otherwise, you’ll blindly publish hundreds of posts without getting any viable results and all your efforts would go to waste. LinkedIn analytics data gives you an in-depth look at how your posts are performing. Make sure you check your performance data regularly and look for any scope for improvement.