Standing out in digital marketing is more difficult now than ever. With thousands of brands emerging every day, it is harder to compete. However, social media is a great way to converse with customers and give them a personalized insight into your brand. The key to a successful marketing strategy is to be different than other brands. Jumping on bandwagon won’t give your brand the recognition that it deserves. Below, we will go into how you can start converting prospects to customers on social media. 

Identify your Unique Selling Proposition

Since there’s competition in the market, it’s important to define your Unique Selling Proposition (USP). A USP helps build the foundation for a solid marketing campaign. It also helps communicate a strong message to the customers. A USP that’s based on the customer’s pain points will help to align customer issues with your marketing vision. 

You need to know exactly what kind of customers you want to attract. The audience you’re trying to attract should be able to afford your products and services. They should be driven to take action and respond within the required time frame. 

Along with this, your brand’s marketing strategy must be able to communicate your USP to your consumers. You need to stand out among the competition and bring value to your customers at the same time. Social media provides several tools that can help you identify customer pain points, such as polls on Facebook and Instagram.

Build awareness with content that matters

Content is a great way to build brand awareness. Content can uplift your brand. However, it can also go completely unnoticed. If your content does not align with your audience, then there’s a problem. A few ways that you can tap into your niche are through blog posts, expert interviews, and e-books. These help show your knowledge and will show up through search engines when your audience is searching. 

Retarget old prospects

Most marketers start to focus on targeting new customers and forget about their existing customers. However, it’s important that you still target your existing customers. You can do this by reaching out to old customers through email marketing, mobile marketing, and social media marketing. 

You need to tell them that they are missing out if they don’t buy your product or services. If your customers had a positive experience with you, chances are they will buy again. Along with this, you can create the required engagement and retarget the customer you lost during the purchase cycle. Your offer must give customers a huge value at very little commitment from their end. 

Lead qualification

A common mistake made by marketing teams is that they get excited over a prospect without qualifying the lead itself. There are several types of leads, and the marketing team has to decide whether it’s worth it to schedule a meeting with them. There are several ways through which you can qualify your leads and know whether they’re serious or not.